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Barbados Honeymoon | Part 3

Following a whirlwind engagement and amazing wedding, my beautiful bride and I travelled to Barbados for our honeymoon. Mind you, this was only a short five months ago, it almost feels like a lifetime with this year’s dragging lingering winter. Join me as I relive a day on the ocean under the warmth of the…

Barbados east coast ocean landscape

Barbados Honeymoon | Part 2

A few weeks ago I began to share the story of my recent trip to the island of Barbados with my new bride.   It was our honeymoon and the first few days were filled with what every Canadian does when visiting  a southern destination, the beach.   Well we can’t stay on the beach…

Caribbean sea ocean teal water on palm tree island

Barbados Honeymoon | Part 1

With winter here in full force, it’s nice to have the warmth of Barbados on my mind.  This past October, following an unbelievable wedding in September, my extremely beautiful new bride and I left for our honeymoon on the beautiful Carribean island of Barbados.  It was my first time to the island, however my wife had been many times and ensured the paradise that awaited us.  I can tell you it was certainly paradise, and I have a few thousand photos to prove it.  Join me over the next few weeks as we explore this amazing island in a five part series.